Welcome to My Savior Now


Thank you for visiting…

I am so grateful for what Jesus, my savior, has done in my life. I have faced many challenges… drug addiction, homelessness, depression, and loneliness. I wandered the country for many years, looking for relief from the sin and pain that plagued my life. It wasn’t until I was 32 years old that I finally found the answer that I was looking for. It was my relationship with Jesus Christ that turned things around for me. Today I have a life that is filled with joy, love, friendships, and worship of the God of the universe!

My main goal for this website is to provide a place for visitors to post prayer requests, and to join in prayer myself with others. When a person posts a request on the prayer request page, I receive a notification. This gives me the opportunity to filter out the spam. I pray for each post personally. I am not always able to post every request the same day that it comes in… I make it my goal to check the requests each day, or at least every two days. Of course, God sees your prayer request instantly, even before it gets posted to the site. I am here to help you share your request with others who want to join you in prayer. I have received testimonies from people who have said that the prayers they have posted to the prayer page have been answered, which is a true blessing!

I want to start a page for personal testimonies of people who have had their lives changed by the power of God through Jesus Christ. If you have a testimony, please send it to me by email.

God bless you very much!